Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Existing Conditions

We found the home in pretty bad shape, It hadn't been occupied for a while. Apart from all the typical building shell, cosmetic, and M.E.P. repairs needed, we found a few other undesirable (sometimes even dangerous) conditions with the home. 

- The lower half of the basement stair is more of a ladder. The laundry and garage are both at   basement level, so traversing it is a mandatory for the family
- The HVAC return was located within feet of two supply registers in the dining room floor. we couldn't imagine much airflow reaching the second floor.
- A few of the replacement windows we leaking.
- Rear deck was unsound.
- The third bedroom was very small (less than 100 square feet) and technically not a bedroom (pass-thru for access to the deck).
- One Bathroom/ An outdated floor plan from 1929.
- Bedroom windows didn't meet minimum clear opening for egress.
- Insulation didn't seem to be likely in any wall cavities.
- Un-insulated foundation, garage area part of the controlled living space.
- No ridge or eve vents.

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