Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gypsum Wall Board

I apologize for being a month behind on photos, but Nate and I passed our thesis defense and have graduated! WHOOOO HOOO!

We finished hanging the drywall about 3 weeks ago, and the finisher was done about 2 weeks ago, here is the house just before paint. We had to make some odd angles and corners to make the second level work, but we installed adequate blocking so everything fit without much trouble.

The biggest pains were the 8'-6" ceiling height and the raked ceiling in the second floor. Two words of advice, hire a good finisher and talk to a professional drywall supplier if your going DIY. There are all kinds of special sheets that might make hanging easier for your application. for example stretch board (4'-6" wide) would have worked well for our extra tall ceilings and screed edge drywall would have saved a lot of sanding on our second floor corners.