Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exterior Cladding

An exterior for a home can be relatively inexpensive with vinyl, but vinyl isn't always the most aesthetic. Exteriors can also get very expensive with stones or metal panels. For this renovation we will use accents of wood or fiber-cement board (shown as blonde wood) while the majority of the home will get vinyl siding (pale green) to keep costs minimal. 

The home will have about 1400sf of vinyl and 200sf of the accent material. The slide below has some prices from an RSMeans 2010 book to give an idea of how quickly prices can go up with different materials (

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Windows, Siding, & Framing

First a HUGE thanks to the Construction Management and Architecture Students from UC that helped the past two weekends. These have been our best consecutive weekends yet!

The new windows look great, they are all 7" wider than the old windows thanks to completely removing the original wood units and reclaiming their lead ballast cavities into more glass. The new rafters in the second floor will allow us to double the insulation previously in the roof and vent it as well. My favorite addition is the narrow window and sloped stair wall, it really opens up what was a dark corner of the home. The bearing height for the dormer is 6'-2" AFF, but the light and space it makes for the master bed does wonders for what was an attic bedroom.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kitchen Design

Design it & believe it! This should be quite an improvement over the old kitchen. We haven't finalized the colors with the Lawrence family, but the layout should stay similar.