Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello Everyone!

We could really use some help fundraising. If you would like to help on this project in a BIG 
way, please help us raise money to preform the necessary renovations to this house! 

We can use all types of volunteers to help us market and promote the project, so please contact us if you can help. Thanks!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Demo Phase 1

By the end of spring, the home was well overgrown with vines and plants of all sorts. Nate and a big group of Cincinnati teens from Medeira Presbyterian lead by their fearless leader, Youth Pastor Mike, ventured out to start the demolition phase of the renovation. In one short week they had tamed the landscape, demolished the kitchen and bath, and removed all mechanical ducts and equipment. They also began opening up the walls for the new floor plan. We anticipated many of the negatives, but found a few pleasant surprises as well.

Negative things discovered this phase:
-Very little insulation, partial coverage of the roof and second floor knee walls (very inefficient)
-Layers and layers of built up construction (hard to work with)
-knob and tube wiring
- No foundation insulation (1/2 of foundation is exposed due to slope)

Positive things discovered this phase:
-large headers spanning twin double hung windows (offers more opportunity for new windows)
-ridges perfect to add vents to (none previously)
-Old, true 2x4 framing in good condition

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Existing Conditions

We found the home in pretty bad shape, It hadn't been occupied for a while. Apart from all the typical building shell, cosmetic, and M.E.P. repairs needed, we found a few other undesirable (sometimes even dangerous) conditions with the home. 

- The lower half of the basement stair is more of a ladder. The laundry and garage are both at   basement level, so traversing it is a mandatory for the family
- The HVAC return was located within feet of two supply registers in the dining room floor. we couldn't imagine much airflow reaching the second floor.
- A few of the replacement windows we leaking.
- Rear deck was unsound.
- The third bedroom was very small (less than 100 square feet) and technically not a bedroom (pass-thru for access to the deck).
- One Bathroom/ An outdated floor plan from 1929.
- Bedroom windows didn't meet minimum clear opening for egress.
- Insulation didn't seem to be likely in any wall cavities.
- Un-insulated foundation, garage area part of the controlled living space.
- No ridge or eve vents.